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Please stick around and point and click for a while. You will find some audio clips from our brand new, hot-selling CD, Axes of Evil, as well as the universally acclaimed jazz classic, Another Sound Thrasching, biographical and contact information on the individual Thraschers, and even a Thrascher Store where you can buy some of our arrangements and MP3 files of our recordings.

Thrascher is a saxophone quartet, and oh, so much more! Formed in 1998, the quartet is dedicated to combining different performance types and styles. The members of the group each have strong backgrounds in jazz and contemporary chamber music. In performance, Thrascher attempts to combine composed music in jazz and contemporary styles, improvisation and other performance art elements including improvised spoken word, singing, dance (in our own lumbering manner), and theatrics.

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Remember, It's all about the thrasch, Baby, it's all about the Thrasch



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